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- ANSI A2112 (Brass)
- ANSI A5112* (Stainless Steel)
- Two ball bearings
- Non-rising removable pin with button tip and plug
- For use on medium weight doors or doors requiring medium frequency service
- Complies with NFPA80 requirements for use on fire rated door assemblies
- Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel pin
- Brass with Stainless Steel pin
- US3, US4, US10, US10B, US15, US26, US26D, US32, US32D

If you need hinge option or setup not list please call
  • BB1191-3.5X3.5-L1, BB1191-3.5X3.5-L2, BB1191-3.5X3.5-L3, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US10, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US10B, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US15, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US26, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US26D, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US3, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US32, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US32D, BB1191-3.5X3.5-US4, BB1191-4.5X4-L1, BB1191-4.5X4-L2, BB1191-4.5X4-L3, BB1191-4.5X4-US10, BB1191-4.5X4-US10B, BB1191-4.5X4-US15, BB1191-4.5X4-US26, BB1191-4.5X4-US26D, BB1191-4.5X4-US3, BB1191-4.5X4-US32, BB1191-4.5X4-US32D, BB1191-4.5X4-US4, BB1191-4.5X4.5-L1, BB1191-4.5X4.5-L2, BB1191-4.5X4.5-L3, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US10, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US10B, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US15, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US26, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US26D, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US3, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US32, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US32D, BB1191-4.5X4.5-US4, BB1191-4X3.5-L1, BB1191-4X3.5-L2, BB1191-4X3.5-L3, BB1191-4X3.5-US10, BB1191-4X3.5-US10B, BB1191-4X3.5-US15, BB1191-4X3.5-US26, BB1191-4X3.5-US26D, BB1191-4X3.5-US3, BB1191-4X3.5-US32, BB1191-4X3.5-US32D, BB1191-4X3.5-US4, BB1191-4X4-L1, BB1191-4X4-L2, BB1191-4X4-L3, BB1191-4X4-US10, BB1191-4X4-US10B, BB1191-4X4-US15, BB1191-4X4-US26, BB1191-4X4-US26D, BB1191-4X4-US3, BB1191-4X4-US32, BB1191-4X4-US32D, BB1191-4X4-US4, BB1191-5X4-L1, BB1191-5X4-L2, BB1191-5X4-L3, BB1191-5X4-US10, BB1191-5X4-US10B, BB1191-5X4-US15, BB1191-5X4-US26, BB1191-5X4-US26D, BB1191-5X4-US3, BB1191-5X4-US32, BB1191-5X4-US32D, BB1191-5X4-US4, BB1191-5X4.5-L1, BB1191-5X4.5-L2, BB1191-5X4.5-L3, BB1191-5X4.5-US10, BB1191-5X4.5-US10B, BB1191-5X4.5-US15, BB1191-5X4.5-US26, BB1191-5X4.5-US26D, BB1191-5X4.5-US3, BB1191-5X4.5-US32, BB1191-5X4.5-US32D, BB1191-5X4.5-US4, BB1191-5X5-L1, BB1191-5X5-L2, BB1191-5X5-L3, BB1191-5X5-US10, BB1191-5X5-US10B, BB1191-5X5-US15, BB1191-5X5-US26, BB1191-5X5-US26D, BB1191-5X5-US3, BB1191-5X5-US32, BB1191-5X5-US32D, BB1191-5X5-US4, BB1191-6X4.5-L1, BB1191-6X4.5-L2, BB1191-6X4.5-L3, BB1191-6X4.5-US10, BB1191-6X4.5-US10B, BB1191-6X4.5-US15, BB1191-6X4.5-US26, BB1191-6X4.5-US26D, BB1191-6X4.5-US3, BB1191-6X4.5-US32, BB1191-6X4.5-US32D, BB1191-6X4.5-US4, BB1191-6X5-L1, BB1191-6X5-L2, BB1191-6X5-L3, BB1191-6X5-US10, BB1191-6X5-US10B, BB1191-6X5-US15, BB1191-6X5-US26, BB1191-6X5-US26D, BB1191-6X5-US3, BB1191-6X5-US32, BB1191-6X5-US32D, BB1191-6X5-US4, BB1191-6X6-L1, BB1191-6X6-L2, BB1191-6X6-L3, BB1191-6X6-US10, BB1191-6X6-US10B, BB1191-6X6-US15, BB1191-6X6-US26, BB1191-6X6-US26D, BB1191-6X6-US3, BB1191-6X6-US32, BB1191-6X6-US32D, BB1191-6X6-US4
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